Monday, April 9, 2012

Becoming a Necessary Warrior

I am a Survivor.
I am a Warrior.

I never saw myself in this light until just over ten years ago when I was told that death was imminent. That the presumed benign tumor they'd removed was really Leiomyosarcoma. LMS.
I was told it was rare and untreatable.
And I would die soon.

We always wonder how we'll react to such news. We fear it. And with reason. It's frightening to be told such.

This blog is dedicated to my story of the last ten years as I defied the odds and statistics of that time.

It's my hope that those on a similar journey will find inspiration and hope. And a place where you can ask questions and those that join here with us can help find answers, support and information.

I intend to discuss what I've been through, what I've learned about dealing with this and keep an ongoing journal as to where it goes from here. (it will be sometimes sporadic as I on occasion go through treatments and surgeries, not to mention regular life stuff)

I've created a time line that tells my story. I'll publish it here as soon as it's done. There is a lot there: it's been over ten years.

While LMS is still rare; it is more treatable then they thought back then. If you are one of those that join this fight; know that. Embrace it. If you are told otherwise: keep looking for medical people that say otherwise or at least are willing to help you find solutions.

I went through a journey that at first seemed bleak and pointless until I found doctors and supporters that had vision and true compassion and told me I wasn't going to die from this. Not now at least. Not imminently.

We are still fighting that battle. I don't know for how long but in the end I'm not sure that matters. I've learned to make each day count. Who knew being told you are going to die can teach you to live?

I didn't die then but I still fight Death off.
Because I am a Warrior necessity.

So are you.