Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Scan Results

Some good news:

When I first started the treatment at SMK I was given a Cat Scan for a base line.
Then after about two months I was given another which showed a 10% growth of the tumors. Slightly depressing to say the least.

Last week I had another scan and it's showing very little growth, no growth and some shrinkage of tumors. While not a big shift; it's one in the right direction and is encouraging.

As I write this I have one more treatment left in a little less the three weeks and then we'll decide what the next step is.

I also met with the Integrative Medicine doctor: Dr. Deng. I liked him a lot. He liked all the things I was doing and had some good insights into not only dealing with side effects from the treatment but my lifestyle and health regime.

I think the most profound thing was finding out that the medicinal mushrooms I was taking weren't made from the growing mushroom nor were they extracted by water; both aspects are part of the traditional methods of using them. File it under read the fine print. The ones I've been taking were made from mycelium and grown in laboratory conditions rather then the whole mushroom and grown on wood. So I'm switching brands.

So... that's the update on this new chapter in my journey so far.
I'll report back when I decide on the next phase.